NY Living

Today I got stopped by a guy with an SLR camera in the East Village as I was waiting to cross Bowery from 3rd Avenue. My entire head was sweaty and my glasses were fogging up because of the heat from my face. I wipe sweat off my forehead.

He quickly looks me up and down as if confirming something in his head, smiles and says, “Hi, do you have a couple of minutes? I really like what you’re wearing. Can I…,” he gets cut off -

”- No,” I said, looking at him like he’s an obstacle in my way, “I’m really late for a meeting.”

He smiles, bows just a little and lets me cross Bowery.

I cross and think to myself, “Fuck. What if he was a photographer from an awesome fashion blog and I just declined getting my photo taken! Godamnit.” Just a little disappointed.

I power walked my way across two streets to my meeting and decided that yes, he was a photographer for a fashion blog - probably something related to street style - and that I’ve been validated finally as someone in New York City with style deserving of being photographed…!

Next time (and I hope there’s a next time), I’m going to stop and say, “Yes. I do have a couple of minutes.”